Method of application?

VCI Film, and paper are used to wrap around the components directly or in form of bags for containing them. With VCI powder the pouches with active chemicals can be deposited at uniform distances in the volume to be protected. We can recommend the area and thickness of film or paper and for dosage of powder per cu.m of volume depending on the packing conditions.

Air tight packing?

Unlike vacuum packaging, there is no need to fill the packaging space with inert gases or to create a vacuum within the packaging. Although no extra-special care is needed in handling VCI protected components, they must be kept away from direct exposure to ambient to prevent the loss of VCI chemicals due to migration

Time consuming?

Because it is a relatively simple way of providing protection, it is not time consuming at all

Length of protection?

When used correctly, our formulations offer a protection of 2 years.

Extending protection?

If required the protection can be extended up to 10 years with a careful choice of formulations and with the use of additional layers of packaging that prevents the loss of VCI chemicals due to migration

Additional oil layer?

Using additional oil layers inside VCI packaging can block the access of the metal to VCI chemicals. If oils need to be used due to special requirements, we recommend using our special VCI oils

Prior corrosion?

If there is corrosion prior to the use of VCIs, it will slow down and even stop further corrosion. However, the application of VCIs does not remove the existing corrosion.


The packaging materials with VCI are 100 % recyclable. The VCI chemicals because of their volatile nature do not affect the recyclability of the films.