In several instances in engineering applications, there is more than one metal in the machine or component. All of these need to be simultaneously protected from corrosion. In addition, the problem of the VCIs used to protect one metal damaging the other should be avoided. Our proprietary multimetal formulation offers a simultaneous protection of several metals – mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and so on. Multimetal formulations
Non-Ferrous formulations In many other occassions, it is clear which metal needs to be protected, say in packing aluminum or copper wires or silver. In such cases, we have formulations that work the best for that particular metal to be protected.
For use in steel industry or for components with only ferrous compositions, we offer our ferrous formulations that offer the most efficient corrosion protection. Ferrous formulations
Safety standards Nitrites in chemical formulations are carcinogenic. All of our VCI formulations have been developed as Nitrite-free compositions
In addition, secondary-amines in the chemicals can convert into N-nitrosamines which are also carcinogenic. Some of our special formulations without secondary-amines, and these are compliant with the highest safety standards (TRGS 615)