VCI polyfilm

Rolls of VCI polyfilm produced with the best concentrations of our VCI chemicals. Can be used as is or be made into pouches and bags for packing automobile components, electronics, guns, etc.
VCI paper

VCI Kraft paper with very high concentrations of effective volatile compounds per sq.m. for a long lasting protection for use in steel industry and automobile components. Can also be made as PE laminated VCI paper
VCI pouches

VCI powder packed into pouches for easy dispersal into and retrieval from large space.s Used for effective protection of large open spaces in machines or in pipelines. May be used with supplementary high-barrier films or VCI films
Water soluble VCI Powder

VCI powder for dissolving in water, and spraying on the metals. Can also be used inside boilers.

VCI Masterbatch

Proprietary VCI formulations in the form of masterbatch pellets, a step before the production of VCI films. Can be blended with different resins to produce at 10 % concentration in the film production
VCI Powder for pouches

VCI formulation in the form of a powder, to be made into pouches for placing them inside open spaces inside packaging
R&D of New products

We specialize in VCI R&D. Whether it is development of chemical formulations for specific operating conditions or it is development of special structures in packaging films, will be very happy to develop the products for specific requirements of customers.