Quality Certifications

bfsv Certification Logo
BFSV Laboratory Hamburg Germany
Reference Sample Metaplastics VCI
Conclusion Grade 3, good corrosion protection effect
mnisa Certification Logo
NMISA Laboratory Lynwood Ridge, South Africa
Conclusion Quantitative tests show Metaplastics film performs better VCI protection compared to Cortec films
Mild steel(µm/a)Galvanized steel (µm/a)Aluminum(µm/a)Copper
(mg/72 hr)
Reference 305 162 53 0.2
Eco-corr VpCI(Cortec) 95 120 91 0.2
Corr-pack Ex VpCI (Cortec) 439 49 9 0.3
Metaplastics 76 50 6 <0.2
Performance of Metaplastics film compared to two films from Cortec Corp. Results are from standard International laboratory tests.
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